Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Service Learning Reflection

Reflection for Center for Civic Engagement

This semester was my first time volunteering for the Center for Civic Engagement and I volunteered to help at the church Desert View located at 11160 Montwood. Desert View is a church that is very engaged in the community by helping families of low income with groceries, clothing and now offering Citizenship classes among other things.

I volunteer at Desert View to give Citizenship Classes because is a topic that caught my attention since I went through the same process a few years back and that is also why I choose an Immigration topic for my semester topic. 
I integrated research from class into my volunteer experience by reading more from the website of U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services, even though my class topic is  about The DREAM Act and I’m volunteering for Citizenship classes, they both have to do with Immigration Reform and that is a topic that I like so I shared information and websites with my students. 

By volunteering this semester, I learned that the need in the community is much more than I ever thought of, and it help me realize that if we can share an hour or two a week from our time, that will make a big difference to the community needs and people who participate and attend to the classes really appreciate our work. 

This experience did change my perspective and because of that  I will keep volunteering to this organization and after finishing this eleven week course that we are currently on, we are going to start the next course of eleven weeks all over again.

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