Friday, May 3, 2013

Group Opinion about TED video on group topic

Group 2:
Andrea De La Fuente
Paola Villareal
Claudia Teruel

As a group we are doing our video based on the DREAM Act where it is an act to fight for Mexican immigration children who lived here their whole lives to have an education. We could not find a specific TED video that demonstrates exactly what our documentary is about, however, we have found a video where First Lady Michelle Obama discusses about how much education is important in the world. This relates to our documentary project because that is something that the DREAM Act is fighting for; an education to all who truly want it. Watching this video has impacted our project presentation by knowing that we should present all possible information and as well discuss about how other people struggle their wholes lives by not being allowed to get the education that they wished for. The DREAM Act is something that can fight for all those immigration children who lived here their whole lives and want to continue living here to get the education they want. The TED video where First Lady Michelle Obama speaks is where she fights for the same thing of education for all. She talks about how she had struggled her whole life as a child younger and loved going to education and hopes, fights, that no other child should have to go through this struggle of getting the education needed.

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