Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Final Class Reflection

Final Class Reflection

Before starting this course I was afraid of writing, I was under the impression that writing had to be perfect and the grammar impeccable. However I realized that writing, about anything, relaxed me, I think I feel comfortable now writing and when I do write  I try to write about anything that I have in mind  and for some reason when I go back and read, it makes sense now. Taking this class it changed my perspective about writing, I don’t think that any particular assignment made me change my perspective, it was the class in general because in each assignment we had to write a lot and give our opinion , so I learn to give my opinion not only to write what the assignment asked. It is very nice to be able to freely write and let other people know how I fell and what my opinion on certain topics.

My favorite assignment for this class was making of the documentary film because it was fun to integrate different types of media and putting all the information together. It was nice because most of the research was done so it was no stress in that part, and it was just about to put it all together.  However the least preferable assignment was the literature review, I had a hard time going through all these 15-20 journals and reading all of these, which the information was great by the way but, it was very difficult to me to integrate all of them into one piece.

This semester I learned about different social issues that are happening all around us and I was now aware of it. For example the DREAM Act which was my semester topic, I’m glad that I choose that because I learn what I can do to help. In addition I learn about the community need for help in several aspects. I had the opportunity to help the community by volunteering at a church helping others to learn the questions for their citizenship. The classes are free and anyone can attend. By helping others, I learn and made me grew as a better person.

What I learn in this class, about citizen journalism, DREAM Act, Volunteering, these are experiences that I would keep with me forever, I learn that volunteers are needed in the community and I will continue to help others by volunteering to different organizations in need.
I don’t have any suggestions to better this class for future semesters, I think out instructor did an excellent job in communicating and in the time given to us to turn in the assignments. The class material was very well organized. This is one of the best classes I have ever taken. 

Thank you professor Carl for the experience. 

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