Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Summary of: "More Than Just Error Correction"

This week reading assignment was “More Than Just Error Correction” which is about several studies performed among students and teachers to find out if the students benefited from the teachers comments on their papers. Several persons contributed to the study two of them that cough my attention was Hayes and Flower’s  who  find out what they called sub processes: one was  reading to detect error and to evaluate and the second sub process was editing to make changes. I found that very interesting because until now, I didn’t see it like that while making corrections to my paper or revising someone else paper, I was under the impression that it was the same thing. That process is going to help me so much now that I’m writing my draft, I will use that method and look for errors only and put marks where I thing needs to be corrected, then reread a second time and make all the corrections.
Another person that contributed to the study was  Sommers who also made comments similar to Hayes and Flower’s , he talked about  editing which is used  to correct errors and inaccuracies, and also mentioned rewriting, which involves transformation, addition, or deletion. One more fact that caught my attention was when the authors Debra Myhill and Susan Jones mentioned that “students believed they benefited more as learners when the teacher underlined errors, rather than when the teacher wrote in the correction”. I agree with the statement because in my case, I would like to see my error so I can learn from it and not just see the correction.  Overall, this reading assignment contains useful information that is going to help me on my writing process and I would definitely recommend other students to read before they start to write a major assignment. 

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