Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Interest on Immigration

Week Two


I Choose two Genres to compare

Genre 1: Video from The New York Times: Obama Remarks on      Immigration Reform 

Genre 2: Article from The New York Times: Now We’re Talking

I chose these two genres because Immigration is a topic that I’m interested in because we live in the border town of El Paso. El Paso serves as an entrance point for immigrants to come into the United States, so the issue of immigration affects the city I live in directly. 

Both genres contain information on how immigrants in the United States will be affected and with many living here I found them both important. The video explains more in detail about the immigration reform that president Obama is planning to perform in the near future. He gives several detailed points on how he wants to implement his plan in his speech that was given in front of a national audience. 

The newspaper article also has a detailed information on how senators from both major political parties have come together to assist in the immigration reform. The article was printed in The New York Times which is a nationally read source of information. The article was written prior to the speech and it explained a brief history on the issue and its controversies, raised a lot of questions, and contained different opinions and view points.

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