Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Responding to a Student Writing

After reading “Responding to Student Writing” I realized that many other students are in the same position as I’m after writing a draft for an essay due  for class. I have been afraid that , to begin with, my paper is that the instructor had asked me to do and hoping that he or she can understand what I’m trying to say when reading my paper.  I understand that as an instructor they need to make comments en every single paper that us, the students give them, but how do we know if they have been fair,  and grade all the drafts the same way or  we are lucky if our paper is one of the first ones graded because the last papers get the most comments, just saying.
I do agree with Mrs. Sommeners when she mentioned that when we receive comments in our draft and is asking to do this or that and to elaborate or expand more on certain topic, after reading all these comments then the focus of the paper changes; then as a student that want to have a good grade go and try to follow step by step in what the instructor want us to do instead of being our paper with our ideas, then now is going to be with the ideas of what the instructor want the paper to be.

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