Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Discussion Board 12: New York Times Op-ed

For this week i needed to Choose an op-ed from the website related to my
semester topic which is The DREAM Act and post the link on my website.
Summarize the op-ed and write a 200-300 word response concerning what was done well and how that
impacts the way you will approach your own op-ed that you are writing. Post your analysis of the op-ed
on your website as well.

The op-ed that i choose was A Dream Act Without the Dream

This opinion piece was published on the New York Times on March 27, 2012 and it talks about the Republican politicians who were trying to obtain votes from the Hispanic voters and decided to come up with a version of the DREAM Act that was like a dead end. The Republicans proposed to give a legal status to the illegal students but without opportunity for them to eventually become U.S Citizens and without being able to sponsor their families to become Citizens as well.

The proposal was for the students to become "legal", but just in name, they would become legal but without any other rights or benefits and the only reason the Republican party wanted to do that was "Not-American", because if the students had to participate in the military like any other American, they should have the same rights as any other American.

Even though they were making revisions to the different proposals of the DREAM Act to be presented, still. it was the same outcome, legal, but no legal. Another change made was that once the student participated in the military or earned a four year college degree, he or she needed to wait for 10 years to be able to adjust their status! that is insane. The good part is that this op-ed was an opinion given since 2012 and many changes have been made already to the DREAM Act guidelines, i think they are more structured now, however still up in the air and if passed we still don't know if these "legal " students will be able to apply for their relatives.

At the end, the author encouraged illegal students to continue doing what their doing and to participate in the military or pursue college education , hoping that things change for the best or people will eventually see the mentality of republicans and detect that their actions related to the DREAM Act are not-American. Now days, the DREAM Act has not passed yet but the illegal students are gathering in big broups and let the government know the need to a immigration reform that can help them get legal. More and more it seems like the government is really trying to help this population and i hope that soon the government pass the DREAM Act.

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